dimecres, de novembre 19, 2008

Letter to "The Economist"

This is the letter I send to the editor of the weekly magazine "The Economist" after reading the special report on Spain titled "The party's over" (November 8th-14th number):

"Dear Sirs,

until now I have thought that The Economist was a prestigious magazine. This week I realized that was untrue. With the opinions on Catalonia and the Catalan language that you expressed on your last number, you demonstrated to have no idea of what's the reality of this country (Catalonia) and the very complex and sensible relations between Catalonia and the central Castilian-spanish power. The writter of the special report on Spain, Michael Reid, the only thing that demonstrates with his statments on Catalonia and the Catalan language, it's that he is a supporter of the neofascist and the cultural and linguistical assimilation positioning of most part of the Castilian-spanish central rulers. I thought your magazine, as a led of the Great Britain spirit, was for Democracy and Liberalism. You have disappointed me, and a whole nation. Sincerely,

Roger T.
Catalan citizen"